Critically-acclaimed visual novel Eliza coming this week to Switch


Nintendo America has announced this afternoon through their official YouTube channel that the critically-acclaimed visual novel Eliza will be coming to Nintendo Switch this Thursday, 10th October. Here’s what you want to know about the effectively received game along with the announcement video.

Right after abandoning her higher-powered tech profession and a mysterious 3-year absence, Evelyn Ishino-Aubrey resurfaces functioning as a proxy for a virtual counseling app referred to as Eliza. Her job consists solely of reading a script offered to her in true-time by an AI, leaving her no autonomy more than what she says. Is Eliza a technological marvel that brings therapy to these who otherwise couldn’t access it? Or is it an ineffective replacement and yet another vector for technologies firms to get manage more than our lives and humanity?

As she reconnects with men and women from her previous and gets to know the ordinary men and women of Seattle who use Eliza for counseling, Evelyn finds herself caught in the middle amongst differing sides of the argument— and as she starts to query every little thing
about her previous life and future objective in the globe, it becomes clear she will have to confront the turmoil and darkness inside.


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