Aragami Celebrates Third Birthday with Sales Milestone, Discount


Third-individual stealth action game Aragami from independent Spanish studio Lince Operates celebrated its third birthday this week. Marked by considerable accomplishment, the tiny group announced that Aragami has sold more than 500,000 copies, with the majority of these coming on Computer. Having said that, considering that releasing on the Switch in February of this year, sales on Nintendo’s handheld have outpaced each other platform for the duration of the identical time. In celebration of their accomplishment and their anniversary, Aragami and all its DLC on Steam is receiving a steep discount. Aragami is out now for Computer by way of Steam, PlayStation four, Xbox 1 and Switch.

In Aragami, you play as an undead assassin, brought back to life by a mysterious girl. When your rescuer is captured herself, you have to use your newfound powers of shadows in order to kill her captors and cleanse the city of their evils. You can summon weapons, teleport, and use other specific skills at your disposal to fight the Army of Light in their walled fortress. Blending stealthy action with a fashionable, painterly art style, Aragami‘s levels present exclusive puzzles that can either be solved silently, or significantly less so.

The accomplishment for the tiny group out of Barcelona on their very first game is admirable, to be certain. Steam Spy founder Sergey Galyonkin has mentioned that most indie games sell about 20,000 copies, and that is at a almost nine-dollar cost point. Contemplating the relative explosion of low cost games on Steam in the two or so years considering that the post was initially written, that quantity is practically undoubtedly reduced. Nevertheless, as Galyonkin mentioned, “if a game is worth gamers’ time, it is also worth their funds.” Aragami captures this mantra effortlessly. Despite a lackluster story, the engaging blend of puzzle-solving and inventive methods to resolve levels was nonetheless enjoyable and appears to have resonated with the neighborhood. Although there is been small news coming out of Lince Operates since Aragami released back in 2016, a single would count on their subsequent project to continue their strong foundation constructed so far. Aragami is out now on all main platforms.


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