AMD have announced the Radeon RX 5500 offered later this year


AMD have now formally lifted the lid on their subsequent GPU with the announcement of the Radeon RX 5500 coming later this year. This new GPU is employing their RDNA architecture, primarily based on their 7nm approach technologies. From what AMD say, they anticipate it to give you about “1.6X” greater functionality-per-watt when compared with the earlier Graphics Core Subsequent (GCN) architecture.

The Radeon RX 5500 will have each a mobile and desktop model, every single of them sharing 22 Compute Units, 1,408 Stream Processors and a 128-bit Memory Interface. I’ve listed exactly where they are basically diverse in the specifications AMD shared beneath:

Radeon&#x2122 RX 5500M GPU (mobile)

  • TFLOPS: Up to four.six
  • GDDR6: 4GB
  • Game Clock11 (MHz): Up to 1,448
  • Enhance Clock12 (MHz): Up to 1,645

Radeon&#x2122 RX 5500 series (desktop)

  • TFLOPS: Up to five.two
  • GDDR6: Up to 8GB
  • Game Clock11 (MHz): Up to 1,717
  • Enhance Clock12 (MHz): Up to 1,845

For some clarifications:

  • Game clock is the anticipated GPU clock when operating common gaming applications, set to common TGP (Total Graphics Energy). Actual person game clock final results may perhaps differ.
  • Enhance Clock Frequency is the maximum frequency achievable on the GPU operating a bursty workload. Enhance clock achievability, frequency, and sustainability will differ primarily based on a number of components, like but not restricted to: thermal situations and variation in applications and workloads.

As for the availability, you have got to wait but not basically really lengthy. AMD mentioned the MSI Alpha 15 laptop with the Radeon RX 5500M GPU will be out later this month and some pre-constructed systems from HP, Lenovo and additional will be out in November.

For standalone GPUs from AMD board partners, they are only providing an ambiguous “Q4 2019” and they are not at the moment mentioning rates either so it remains to be noticed just how competitive they will be against NVIDIA.

You can see the complete specifics in their press release right here.

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