A strange visitor intrudes the life of a family members…


A Divine Simulator in Initially Particular person

You seduced me, God, and I let myself be seduced.


A strange visitor intrudes the life of a family members.

  • I am creating a game primarily based upon a film referred to as Teorema from 1968.
  • See trailer:


Infatuate family members members to fulfill their desires and attain divinity.

  • Every single family members member has a exceptional wish with their personal gameplay mechanic
  • The player ought to properly fulfill these desires to satisfy the family members member
  • Eg. Father desires to be nursed/cared for, so the player can attain this by way of feeding him fruits to his satisfaction
  • I’ve attempted my greatest to not make this game a walking simulator and as an alternative have exciting and exceptional gameplay mechanics
  • The game requires spot in and about their family members property (backyard, pool, garden, farm location, gazebo/walking path location)
  • Throughout gameplay, family members members will be about and inside their property conducting activities and going about their lives as regular – by way of implementing a timetable with a variety of activities that can be performed by the family members members primarily based on the hour
  • Accordingly, there will be a day/evening cycle with precise activities for every time – like a mechanic to speed up time as properly


This will be my very first 3D project and I hope to make a very first individual game that enables players to expertise a mystery driven by the characters inside the game that aligns with the game’s story and setting. I chose to make a game primarily based upon Teorema mainly because the story and themes of the film resonate with my strategy to game style.

I think in the possible for games to be cohesive in the stories they inform with the mechanics the player interacts with to expertise and enact adjust to the game planet they are in. Additionally, I think that this can be accomplished by way of simplifying mechanics and as an alternative amplifying the modifications they make to the game planet and the characters inside it, to develop a sense of ambiguity that falls in between linear and open gameplay. It is complicated to clarify but hopefully the final solution will attain this XD


I will be working with Unity to create this game. I have currently decided on an art style that is slightly grained with other post-processing effects implemented in Unity to make the game appear vibrant. Also, I will be working with the DOOM style of directional 2D sprites in a 3D game planet, as I have most expertise in 2D than 3D, but will be modelling infrastructure like the property and walls and so on. with 3D assets by way of Blender.


I’ve been a lengthy time follower of devlogs on the forum in particular these by Lucas Pope and this has inspired me to start off 1 as properly.

I have began this Devlog with the game about 70% accomplished mainly because I have freed up time to place work into building and sustaining a devlog with capabilities I can currently speak about and most importantly show mainly because I am at present in the course of action of refining them.

I think devlogs are not only a way to share my game and its improvement with the neighborhood but, it really is also a way to articulate the game I am building and to place my thoughts out there and develop discussion with other individuals to support ease the apprehension of creating games in obscurity. Really feel no cost to leave your thoughts  as I get this devlog underway and I hope to share far more of my game and go over it with you all.

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