WRUP: Cynthia’s report about hedgehogs has raised some issues amongst the faculty edition



Appear, Cynthia is a vibrant eight-year old. All of us know that. But the issue is… effectively, some of us amongst the faculty have certain… issues about her report about hedgehogs. For starters, there’s a common feeling that no eight-year-old need to be turning in a report with complete-frontal nudity, regardless of how quite a few hedgehogs are also contained in the image. That quantity, we’ll note, is zero.

It is also unclear why Cynthia felt that it was required to list all of the issues that “Daddy attempted to eats” inside right here, and whilst we do not think that you attempted to consume 4 pounds of what she calls “garbage rubber” it raises a lot of queries that need to have to be asked. There was also no need to have to incorporate a lengthy digression about how a clock mechanism operates, and whilst she is undeniably vibrant it does not truly pertain to hedgehogs.

Final but not least, Cynthia is nonetheless wearing the hedgehog costume from final Halloween, and when she’s asked about it she bites the faculty member closest to her and then tries to hide beneath her desk. We’re just… concerned. She wasn’t basically assigned a report about hedgehogs, she was supposed to answer What Are You Playing.

Bonus query: Do you put on hats? If so, what sort?

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, weblog): Guild Wars two possibly, but it is going to be fantastic climate and I need to have some sun, so I’ll be out in that largely.

I quite a great deal hate hats mainly because of their innate hair-wrecking properties, but I nonetheless put on them when we’re out carrying out Issues other than errands, 100% for sun protection on my face (paranoid about that). This weekend is a hats weekend.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX): I’ve been watching League of Legends’ yearly globe tournament, so I’ll be watching some gaming, not so a great deal playing. If I do get a opportunity, it’ll possibly be some Final Fantasy XIV nothing at all fancy, just dailies

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, weblog): Dauntless when once again. As everyone who follows me on Twitter has noticed, I’ve created loadouts for every single form of element and I’ll be operating on raising every single piece of kit to +10. 3 loadouts completed, 3 a lot more to go! I’m also going to continue leveling alt classes in Final Fantasy XIV, and I went ahead and picked up Astellia On the net on a whim born purely of a small added spending revenue and curiosity. I kinda want to verify this a single out. Perhaps the topic of subsequent month’s CMA?

I do not put on hats usually, but when I do it is a flat cap. Generally I put on my flat cap with my hair pulled back as aspect of a way to hold my hair out of the way and out of my meals whilst I’m cooking in the kitchen, although from time to time I also place it on just mainly because I like it. It is also the only style of hat that does not appear entirely stupid on me.

Colin Henry (@ChaosConstant): I redownloaded Destiny two for its major Steam relaunch. I purchased it a couple of years ago for super affordable, and I wanted to like it, but never ever got into it with all of the other issues I have to play. It has a new tutorial, but it nonetheless does a truly negative job of explaining what the heck is going on in the story. It feels like it assumes you played via the 1st Destiny, which is weird offered that there are a complete lot of Computer-only players who never ever even had access to the 1st a single. I’ve also gotten back into Lord of the Rings On the net lately. I just began Moria on Beorning, and I’m possessing a lot of entertaining. I hadn’t played it given that the rework till a couple of days ago, and I truly like what they’ve completed with it.

I have a major head, so hats do not truly match me.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, weblog): There’s my usual everyday stuff in FFXIV, confident beyond that, although, my plate is complete of single-player games to play. I picked up Code Vein, for instance, and it feels like its tweaks to the Souls formula are specifically what I need to have to make the genre ultimately connect just suitable. There are also a couple of issues I can not truly speak about at the moment, but there’s nonetheless entertaining to be had.

Hats just do not appear fantastic on me. Properly, arguably nothing at all appears fantastic on me, but in the case of hats it is truly a hat issue and not just the way I appear.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I have no thought what this weekend holds. Perhaps I will go hat buying.

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse will be my most important jam this weekend.

I put on a hat each day, everywhere I go. Baseball hats all the way. But with football teams on them. Football baseball hats.

Tyler Edwards: Likely a lot more Mass Impact: Andromeda. Also been tinkering with the Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, so possibly a lot more of that.

Bonus query: I’m Canadian I’m quite confident I drop my citizenship if I do not personal at least a single toque. I’ve basically had the exact same toque given that I was about two or 3 years old. One particular size fits all! Also from time to time a baseball cap in summer time I hate wearing them, but I need to have to hold the sun off my head. Yay for premature baldness…

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