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Satisfied weekend, people! It really is Saturday, and I hope that this week has located you nicely. I dont know what it is like in your neck of the woods, but temperatures have taken a nose-dive right here in the UK. One particular moment I was dancing about the property naked, windows open, not a care in the planet, the subsequent point you know there is condensation on the walls, ice in the street and the police knocking at the door (I ought to close the curtains subsequent time…)

Nevertheless, the onset of fall brings with it a rash of new releases, as publishers begin to roll out their major vacation games and annual series’ entries. Myself, my time this week has been spent playing Lab Zero’s action-RPG Indivisible, which I have been waiting on for some years. However, I cannot say a single word about it just however, great or terrible, but watch for my critique at the begin of the week.

But you can speak freely about anything you have been playing, so why do not you? Drop us a note beneath and inform us what games are presently delivering you with happiness, joy, excitement, even misery (even though hopefully a lot more of the former than the latter). We also love hearing from our neighborhood, and the discourse you begin involving yourselves tends to make me extremely pleased certainly, so let’s hear it.

Have a superb weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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