This faithful remake of Planet of Warcraft’s Highbank base in Unreal Engine four appears gorgeous


Back in September, we informed you about a beautiful remake of Planet of Warcraft’s Stormwind City in Unreal Engine four. This fan remake was designed by Danielvonluchau and depicted this city in complete 3D. Additionally, in 2015 we shared yet another WoW fan remake in Unreal Engine four. And although these are cool, we’ve been questioning what an isometric WoW game could appear like in a brand new engine. And these days, we can lastly get an notion of such a issue.

YouTube’s ‘AXCEL’ has shared two videos, showcasing the creation of Planet of Warcraft’s Highbank base in Unreal Engine four. What’s actually cool right here is that AXCEL made use of an isometric viewpoint. As such, this WoW remake essentially feels like an action RPG (or a tactic game like the Warcraft three was).

To be sincere, we’d adore to see such an action RPG or tactic game. Yes, Blizzard is currently operating on a Warcraft three remake, Warcraft III: Reforged. Having said that, this remake is not as visually impressive as what AXCEL has designed.

Now I know, Warcraft three Reforged aims to capture the feeling of the original game. And to be sincere, Blizzard is undertaking an awesome operate. Having said that, I’d actually adore to see a far more graphically impressive version of it.

However, AXCEL has not released this project to the public. As such, there is no way to test or play this fan remake yourselves. Nevertheless, you can go ahead and delight in the following videos!

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