Second Earth, the at the moment absolutely free base creating method game from No cost Lives had a enormous upgrade


Somewhat inspired by the satire of Starship Troopers, Second Earth is the present absolutely free prototype base creating method game from No cost Lives (developer of Broforce).

It really is a mixture of a genuine-time method game about creating up a powerful economy, with a tower defence like wrapping. Each and every map needs you to make up a powerful base and then defeat waves of alien bugs. Construct walls to hold you civilians secure, make weapon towers to squish all the bugs and service guarantees citizenship.

Written about a handful of instances right here currently as it is pretty impressive, No cost Lives just released a enormous update to the game. Here’s some highlights on what is new:

  • New bugs – Two new bugs have been added and all of the enemy art has been remade from scratch. 
  • UI overhaul – The UI has been fully redesigned, polished and expanded.
  • Tutorials – The very first two missions of the game now function far more fleshed out tutorial systems.
  • Globe map – A globe map with a meta-game has been added. It really is pretty bare-bones correct now, but we have significant plans!
  • Worker population method – Buildings now demand workers to operate. Workers will move into homes if you meet their desires.
  • Pausing – The game no longer pauses right after every single wave. You can as an alternative pause anytime you like, as extended as there is not a wave at the moment attacking.
  • New auto-building method – The way you make farms, homes and mines has been streamlined (and hopefully produced far more exciting).

The modifications are exciting, specifically the building method modifications. You no longer have to micro-handle creating the plots for farms and mines. As an alternative, when placing one particular down it will capture an location to do it for you. It really is a small far better, far more streamlined and the new UI that comes with it appears a lot far better also.

One particular challenge in the present Linux make, is that the new intro video is blank. The developer desires to use an open video format that Unity supports like webm. They’ve been notified of this, it is a actually modest challenge so hopefully the subsequent make will have it fixed. If you see the black screen, just hit ESC and it will fortunately skip it as they are sane sufficient to not force you to watch it.

If you do take pleasure in it on Linux, be positive to let the developer know. As soon as they get it to a stage exactly where it will be a complete release, I hope to see fantastic continued Linux assistance with it as I’ve actually enjoyed the final handful of builds.

Locate it at the moment absolutely free on

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