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For any newcomers to the retro-gaming scene, SCART (occasionally incorrectly referred to as ‘EuroSCART’) is a European cable normal that enables for each composite and RGB video, as effectively as audio in 1 single connector.  There’s also a Japanese version of the normal referred to as “JP21”, that appears identical to SCART and delivers the similar characteristics, but utilizes a distinct pinout (as shown above in the image unscrupulously stolen from Google Photos)!

This can be annoying and potentially unsafe, as virtually all SCART gear sold and supported these days in the retro-gaming globe use the European normal.  For years, discovering options to convert 1 normal to yet another was complicated, but fortunately there are a couple of fantastic possibilities out there!:

Video Game Perfection has just began promoting shielded Receptacle-to-Plug cables:

JP21 to SCART cable
SCART to JP21 cable right here

Retro Gaming Cables
also delivers a dongle-style SCART to JP21 adapter:

RGC SCART-to-JP21 Dongle


Retro-Access sells a wide assortment of conversion possibilities and can present even much more with their custom configurator:

SCART to JP21 Cable
JP21 to SCART Cable
SCART to JP21 – Receptacle to Plug
JP21 to SCART – Receptacle to Plug

All round, it is my sturdy recommendation that if you are beginning out, stick with all SCART gear.  I fully grasp some persons currently invested rather a bit on JP21 cables, nevertheless contemplate the total expense:  If you have a total setup and just require the final output converted, any of these options are an outstanding option.  Alternatively, if you only have a couple of cables, you could possibly advantage general to just acquiring shielded SCART versions of the cables  It’ll be simpler general and based on exactly where you got the original cable, you could possibly have a bump in top quality as effectively.

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