PS Plus Auto Renew Concern : PlayStationPlus


Hello, so I had my PS Plus subscription on auto renew devoid of noticing. My default credit card set there is one particular I only use for on-line purchases. Final Saturday, my membership ended and I got a transaction that was declined given that I did not have adequate funds at the time. I believed it is okay, I will just charge it later, I went to place 50 dollars in my wallet currently to get the yearly membership once again and then I noticed they extended my subscription even even though I am having every single day a text saying the transaction was declined given that Saturday. I am afraid they will consider I am attempting to play them and they will ban me? I am pondering of going now to the atm and placing 50 in there so that subsequent time they attempt, it’ll be accepted. Do you consider I could add funds to the wallet as an alternative and they will take the 50 from there or ought to I just add to the card and wait for them to attempt once again tomorrow? I am seriously worried they will ban me and I do not wanna make contact with them just however. Lots of have been banned attempting to apparently and they take ages to reply. What ought to I do? Also, I consider it is really poor of them to do such a factor, like if the transaction did not pass via, just do not extend the subscription till it does.


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