‘Nordlicht’ is a Heartwarming Household Adventure in Cold Climates



Join a daughter, a father, and a guinea pig on a great journey complete of heart-warming moments in the chilling polar nights in Nordlicht.

You may perhaps really feel an immediate connection with these wonderful moments in between father and daughter as they overcome danger with each other.

This point-&-click adventure lets you manage this quirky family members on their journey to the cold north. You will have to help these characters by solving intricate puzzles and piecing with each other clues to assist you face nature’s climate and dangers. You will want to make positive you at least know how to create a toasty fire. Your challenges may perhaps ramp up when mysterious star signals seem and you are in charge of figuring out what they imply.

To contrast these tense adversities, Nordlicht shows quite a few tender moments in between father and daughter (and guinea pig). Find out about their family members dynamics and watch them overcome their fears.

Nordlicht has a beautiful art style to accompany its heartfelt messages, cautiously crafting scenes to convey the bond in between family members. For the duration of gameplay, it shows off a cute paper-reduce-out style that is reminiscent of kids’ storybooks, which offers the feeling of a journey that draws on youngster-like whimsy paired with a bond to carry for a lifetime.

Nordlicht is out there now on itch.io and Steam.