Me, You, Walkie Talkies, and a Entire Lot of Puzzles in We Have been Right here Also


How numerous lost Antarctic explorers can a single sinister castle hold? In the case of Castle Rock in our series of cooperative puzzle adventures, the answer is at least six! We Have been Right here Also is the second game in the series, following We Have been Right here which released in September!

So immediately after meeting the initial two explorers in We Have been Right here, you will run into two far more explorers in We Have been Right here Also! The premise for the game is the very same, at initial glance: two explorers obtain themselves trapped inside a mysterious castle by a fierce blizzard. When inside, they turn out to be split up. Only their walkie-talkies and their wits will allow them to function collectively and obtain a way out…

But do not be fooled! We Have been Right here Also is nonetheless about solving puzzles, but you will not be re-treading any of your actions from the initial game. Each and every puzzle is new, and the components of the castle you are exploring haven’t been observed by living eyes for a lengthy, lengthy time. Have a appear at some of the new places in the trailer.

We Were Here Too

You will will need to remain sharp and retain your eyes open as you progress by way of the icy hallways of Castle Rock. Particulars that could appear insignificant or random to you could be the essential to generating sense of anything your companion sees! As you play We Have been Right here Also you can count on to start out considering a small differently about your surroundings. Rather of hunting for fantastic cover spots, sniper nests or traps, you will be searching for patterns, hidden messages, and clues.

This is not to say that there’s no danger lurking inside Castle Rock. You really should nonetheless be cautious if you worth your life, but you will will need quickly considering rather than a quickly trigger finger to retain your self in a single piece. Hopefully you discovered an individual clever to play with! Playing with a buddy has all the usual positive aspects, but we’ve heard adequate stories about persons playing with strangers and forging genuine connections in their time spent in Castle Rock.

Maybe the most significant issue even though – do you trust your companion? You will will need to function collectively to make it to the exit, but when you are there, what takes place if a single of you has an uncomplicated way out? Would you wait to attempt and assistance your buddy escape, or would you leave them to rot? If the tables are turned, do you trust your buddy not to abandon you…? Far better obtain out in We Have been Right here Also!

We Were Here Too

So for these that paid fantastic consideration, you could consider we created a error by mentioning six explorers at the start out of the post. Effectively not really… we’re quite excited to announce that our upcoming new title We Have been Right here Collectively has also been confirmed as having an Xbox One particular release – that’ll bring the total up to six explorers. Unlucky for them, but quite fortunate for puzzle fans!

Satisfied escaping!

Each We Have been Right here and We Have been Right here Also (in truth, all the We Have been Right here games for that matter) are standalone entries, which means you can play them in any order you please.

We Have been Right here Also is offered now for Xbox One particular on the Microsoft Retailer. Click right here for buy specifics.


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