I am a Solo-Dev functioning on an Ultraviolent FPS set in a fictional 1980’s Miami. : IndieGaming


I am a Solo-Dev functioning on a dark and twisted FPS, set in an alternate reality 1980’s Miami. Neon Beasts is a ultra-violent, neon fueled nightmare, with emphasis on push forward combat. This is a Single-Player game focused on telling a story about mental abuse, shadow governments, and a thing known as Polybius.

I’ve been challenging at operate on a Kickstarter Campaign. In the meantime, I wanted to start off posting a couple of issues as I get closer to launching it. The Kickstarter itself will launch with a Playable Demo constructed particularly for the campaign. ( To keep away from story spoilers. ) It will also be accompanied by a Gameplay/Cinematic Trailer. I am functioning as challenging as physically attainable to provide this game. If you’d like to watch for progress updates as they come, give my Twitter a adhere to! If you want. https://twitter.com/Parmasean_

I am seeking forward to sharing so a great deal far more, extremely quickly.


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