Game Freak viewed as moving away from turn-primarily based battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield, also believed about altering the quantity of moves


Pokemon Sword and Shield definitely transform up some standard elements of the franchise, but it turns out even much more radical adjustments had been viewed as in the course of improvement. Game Informer spoke to Game Freak preparing director Kazumasa Iwao, who mentioned the group was contemplating moving away from the standard turn-primarily based gameplay, but did not elaborate on what mechanics they may well have swapped in.

Futhermore, Iwao mentioned the group also believed about altering the quantity of moves that Pokemon could use, but decided against this due to balance issues. You can see Iwao elaborate on that in the blurb under.

“If you make it 5 or even much more than 5, that tends to make it so a lot of the Pokemon can definitely do something, and it becomes a lot tougher to study what your opponent may well do due to the fact there are just that a lot of much more possibilities of moves they could use. I believe that hurts the balance of the gameplay very a bit. At the very same time, even if you cut down it by one particular to 3, you definitely begin seeing there are haves and have nots in the Pokemon globe. Like, these Pokemon are certainly way stronger than the rest of these Pokemon. We retain coming back and discovering that 4 is the correct quantity for the existing battle program, but it is a thing we revisit.”


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