Code Vein Insatiable Despot – How to beat the boss and exactly where to go subsequent


Code Vein Insatiable Despot - How to beat the boss and where to go next

Code Vein is a Souls-like, and if you have played a Dark Souls-variety game you will know specifically what that suggests – difficult battles, tougher enemies, and the hardest boss battles about. 1 especially difficult boss is the Code Vein Insatiable Despot, a titanic Higher Lost you will meet a when into the game.

The Insatiable Despot is a boss you will meet not as well lengthy soon after beating the Butterfly of Delirium boss, at the finish of the Dried-Up Trenches location. Possibly additional annoying is what occurs soon after you beat it – you hit a dead finish! Exactly where do you go subsequent? Let us show you…

Code Vein Insatiable Despot - How to beat the boss and where to go next

How to beat the Code Vein Insatiable Despot boss

Insatiable Despot can be discovered at the incredibly finish of the maze-like Dried-Up Trenches location. Its arena is quite clear – it really is a massive circular location covered in spikes on the edge, with a Blood Spring tree just beyond. There is a Mistle proper just before this – if you have to have to get back, it really is the Frozen Seabed location. Venture into the arena and you will get the Despot’s opening cutscene. It has two substantial knives and is quite difficult.

Here’s all its attacks, which you have to have to understand to defeat it:

  • Spawning enemies – This is the most annoying aspect of this boss, so fortunately it only occurs a handful of occasions at the starting of the encounter. The Despot will sometimes spawn a substantial Lost enemy, like a smaller sized version of himself. Leave your companion to deal with them, when you concentrate on the boss.
  • Blood pillar – holds up a single of its daggers, and a red circular cloud will seem on the ground, possibly by you. Swiftly dodge outdoors it, mainly because a red pillar will shoot up out of the cloud.
  • A number of ground stabs – A giant stab at the ground, and then a thrust forward with a further stab, up to 3 occasions we think. Pretty uncomplicated to steer clear of, attack its legs.
  • Circular swipes – will do a double-spin about, swipe its blades as it goes. Dodge as it swipes.
  • Sweep strike – will attack a couple of occasions in a sweeping vertical motion. Also dodge as it swipes.

Halfway by way of the encounter, the boss will freeze in spot and turn out to be invulnerable to attacks. It will swap its daggers for a giant axe – which is additional effective, but slower to attack. It will do several sweep attacks, and a slam attack with its axe.

The primary way to beat the boss is just to get in close, attack a handful of occasions, and dodge in between its legs. If you time anything effectively, it really is totally attainable to beat this boss incredibly rapidly. Make certain you have Gifts on hand to increase your attack, or add electric harm to your weapon, and if in doubt – blast it from afar with Blood Shot. As lengthy as your companion has dealt with these other enemies it spawns, the Despot is as fantastic as dead.

Code Vein Insatiable Despot - How to beat the boss and where to go next

Exactly where to go soon after beating Code Vein Insatiable Despot

Just after dealing with the Insatiable Despot, you will cleanse a Blood Spring, meet the Hunter – who disappears in a puff of bloody smoke – and, effectively, hit a comprehensive dead finish. Louis will mention that the Blood Spring heads back to the Ruined City Center, but exactly where specifically?

Warp to the Mistle at the Ruined City Parking Garage. You have to head down the ladder right here and head to the crossroads, on the way to the spot exactly where you may possibly have got the Hunter Vestige Element B. Head left at the crossroads, and left once again at the broken truck – you may possibly have been right here just before, and found the massive hole in the ground. This is exactly where you have to have to go subsequent.

Regrettably, you have to have to drop down this giant hole, gradually and meticulously. You may possibly shed wellness or even die carrying out it, just let your companion revive you – and be cautious not to drop as well far! Preserve going and you will attain the Howling Pits. Fantastic luck!




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