Stunning sci-fi action platformer MegaSphere just got a enormous update, desires a workaround on Linux


You have played a lot of action platformers just before but not quite a few come close to the breathtaking style perform going into MegaSphere and it just got a lot larger in the Anomaly update out now.

This is the 1st significant update to MegaSphere in a lengthy time, it is an Early Access game so it is nonetheless not completed but the level of interest getting place into crafting it from AKGames is genuinely spectacular. The Anomaly update adds in new locations, mechanics, enemies and improvements to game all through. Verify out the trailer for the significant new update beneath:

The quantity of perform that went into this update is crazy. Enemy re-spawning was redesigned along with adding in totally new enemies and boss fights. There is a new Anomaly place with story content material, new game mechanics like adjustments to locations to add in issues like “Gravity wells”, “Magnowalls”, “Danger Zones® hazards”, “Environmental puzzle region”, “Periodic gravity ripple” and so on. Fundamentally, the entire game sounds a massive quantity a lot more exciting.

For the Linux version, it is sadly operating on an older version of the Unity game engine that has significant graphical difficulties on Linux. The repair is straightforward even though, add this as a launch solution:

-force-glcore42 -force-clamped

If you are on NVIDIA, you can also attempt the “__GL_IgnoreInvalidateFramebuffer=1” atmosphere variable.

Possessing a massive update like this was a very good excuse to give the Gioteck WX-four a very good exercise and in MegaSphere it feels amazing. Certainly no difficulties there. MegaSphere is such a treat for the eyes, seriously it is totally beautiful. All the attractive neon effects, sparks flying everywhere, issues you can destroy and a lot more.

Difficult also, some of the enemies have some damn annoying attacks. Even the smaller sized enemies are a nuisance when you 1st get going, particularly when there is a group of them that activate and start out attacking when you go close to them. Such a mysterious game also, I do not have a clue what is going on but the incredible sci-fi setting just pushes me forwards wanting to know a lot more.

If you adore a very good action platformer, you have to have to verify it out.

You can grab MegaSphere from Humble Shop, Steam and

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