PSN & PS+ Query : PS3


Hello Redditors

I’ve got a query relating to about PSN &amp PS+ but prior to that let me give you a background of this post.

I have a PS3, registered on PSN, I am organizing to purchase a PS4 this year (possibly Nov or DEC) but i want to transfer my PS3 trophies to my PS4 in case i got it, i do not thoughts beginning a new PS account on PS4 but nonetheless, i want my preceding trophies to be synced on PS4 and now this is the dilemma, my PS3 HDD is getting a problems and stuck on technique restore loop, I’ve troubleshooted it prior to in protected mode &gt restore default setting, final time i checked, you can transfer your PS3 trophies to their cloud storage but you will need to buy PS+ ideal? now my concerns are:

  1. Is PS+ for PS3 nonetheless operating?

  2. If yes, how and exactly where can i buy PS+? (I am living at PH)

  3. If i synced my PS3 trophies to their cloud and log my preceding PSN to PS4, will my profile carry more than to my PS4?

Thank you and i truly appreciate for these who will respond and really feel totally free to ask if their is a confusion and please support enlighten me about PSN and PS+ in case some information is incorrect.


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