Pokémon Go photos hint at feasible Group Rocket bosses, Rotom


More than the weekend, the Pokémon Go Twitter account started teasing an upcoming update, top to 3 new photos posted right now. There are 3 figures visible in the photos, with the iconic Group Rocket R also shown.

Though no one (properly, outdoors of Niantic and The Pokémon Organization) knows precisely who these figures are or what’s going on, there’s a excellent quantity of speculation on who these mystery persons are. The prevailing theory is that these 3 figures are Group Rocket bosses, meant to foil the 3 group leaders we have now: Candela, Blanche, and Spark.

Players are also speculating that the 3 bosses will be represented with Shadow versions of Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos. We’re guessing that the Rocket bosses will be capable to be battled at unique PokéStops, equivalent to the grunts we battle now, or that the bosses will demand players to group up and take them down at a taken more than health club, with a Shadow Legendary bird as a reward. Shadow Pokémon are rewards for taking out Group Rocket grunts, so the Shadow reward for taking down a boss really should be anything major and thrilling.

The other theory, which could also go hand-in-hand with the Rocket boss concept, is that a Rotom is behind the corruption. In 2018, there was a Specific Analysis Process set released for the duration of October, which rewarded a Spiritomb, a Pokémon that can only be caught in distinct situations in the mainline games. Lately the job was renamed to “A Spooky Message 2018,” which means that players may possibly get a new Spooky Message for 2019 featuring Rotom, which is also a ghost-variety. Rotom also just corrupted a file on the Pokémon Sword and Shield web page, so the concept is fresh in player minds.


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