Persona five Royal New Gameplay Explains New Mementos Mechanic


It is time for your weekly dose of brief Persona five Royal gameplay videos, this time about a new mechanic in Mementos.

We’ve entered a further week and a further day of promotion for Persona five Royal in Japan. Atlus released through the official Persona Twitter account a new brief gameplay video. This time it shows one particular of the new mechanics integrated in Mementos.

When you get down to a Mementos floor, there’s a random probability this floor will be shrouded in darkness. Uncommon, effective monsters will also lurk on the floor. In the gameplay video, Morgana explains how Mementos is everyone’s consciousness fused with each other, so it can go via each sudden structure or environmental adjustments.

Atlus currently pointed out this new mechanic in the previous. You can study a lot more about the new Mementos mechanics integrated in Persona five Royal right here.

Atlus lately revealed the opening animation film, the title screen, and the 1st ten minutes or so of Persona five Royal. The casino escape consists of new scenes with Kasumi. Kasumi is also finding in Star Ocean Anamnesis, and was also cosplayed by Enako. You can verify all that right here. Lastly, we also got some gameplay with a Joker and Goro confidant scene and some  Challenge Battles mode reside gameplay played by Joker’s seiyuu Fukujun.

PS4 exclusive Persona five Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west. A function answering if I personally felt like Persona five Royal’s additions have been worth my time or not will almost certainly be coming in early November.


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