League of Legends’ Veigar is primarily based on an all-gnome Globe of Warcraft guild


The complete MOBA genre has deep roots in Warcraft, given that the original Defense of the Ancients – which would branch off to spawn each League of Legends and Dota two – was an immensely thriving mod for Warcraft III. But the callbacks are a lot much more distinct than that. In reality, League champion Veigar has his roots in a bizarrely distinct WoW guild.

“I was in an all-gnome warlock guild referred to as the Tiny Masters of Evil,” former WoW game designer Kevin Jordan says through a Twitch stream (by way of Dot Esports). “We have been all gnome warlocks. We dueled every single other for who got to be guildmaster. So if you wanted to be the guildmaster, you had to challenge the present guildmaster to a duel.”

That guild name must sound familiar to any one who’s spent some time with Veigar, and Jordan says that is no coincidence. “Tom Cadwell, who’s the VP of style at Riot, loved the characters so a lot that that is what Veigar is primarily based on from League of Legends. You will also notice that he is a Tiny Master of Evil, which is fundamentally from that guild thought.”

This is not the only reference to the Tiny Masters of Evil guild in a modern day game, either. Hearthstone’s Tiny Knight of Evil – noted for its resemblance to Veigar – is primarily based on the similar guild. At least, that is what former Hearthstone lead Ben Brode mentioned years ago on Twitter.

It does not look that Tiny Masters of Evil is nevertheless going these days, but as WoW Classic brings back all these 2004 memories, perhaps it is about time for a successor.

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