Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit expands to contain Switch Lite concerns


The legal firm behind the Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit has amended its class action lawsuit to take comparable concerns seemingly located in Nintendo’s newly released Switch Lite handheld into account.

The amended lawsuit, shared by Polygon, now consists of 5 instances exactly where Switch Lite owners say the joysticks affixed to their new systems have currently began to show indicators of uncommon put on-and-tear inside just days of obtain.

Joy-Con drift was initially coined to describe a seemingly longstanding problem exactly where the detachable Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch would, soon after a brief period of time, get started sensing input regardless of the joystick becoming left untouched in the neutral position. In some instances, Switch owners say the problem appeared soon after just weeks of play and would reappear even soon after official repairs.

Examples had circulated on the web given that the Switch’s original 2017 release, but picked up traction this summer season and evolved into a class action lawsuit soon soon after that alleges Nintendo continues to sell defective controllers regardless of continuing complaints.

The Switch Lite concerns cited by the lawsuit appear to indicate that the problem is present in the handheld Switch variant as nicely, regardless of the program only releasing earlier this month. As opposed to the original Switch, the Lite does not supply detachable controllers so any possible repair would also call for sending the complete program in for a repair.


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