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Ps2. What can I say. It play each ps1 and ps2 100%. Who will need ps1 console anyway.

Wii u. Play Wii and Wii u games

Wii OG. Play each gamecube and wii.

Retron five. 95% compatible to most retro games such as handheld.

Xbox 1. Particular xbox og, 360 games.

Ps5. Ps4 and ps5. (Assuming it can play ps4 100%).

Retro pie for Mame arcades. More than 2000 arcades that have never ever reached on consoles.

Anything up there are fantastic but they can not play light gun games like Duck Hunt (my six year old daughter like that game) so you got to have the og method and old retro tube television. For me, I like Location 51 with my two orange light guns for the Sega Saturn.

I am not going for Computer and roms since emulation is never ever 100%. Just appear at Sega Genesis mini Contra Hardcorps 1st boss. The og flashes on Television when bullet hit the boss but the mini does not do it.

What are your most preserve systems?


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