How to Use the Pokémon Go Search Bar


1 of the best current excellent-of-life updates to Pokémon Go has been the new strings you can enter into the search bar when viewing the list of Pokémon in your bag.

It is effortless to neglect that the search bar itself did not exist when the game was initially released, but merely looking by name was just the begin.

And now, thanks to the the new appraisal method, you can search for Pokémon according to their IV rating, from * all the way up to four*, which indicates great IVs.

So here’s what you will need to kind to obtain all the things you will ever will need.

Search by IV, HP &amp CP

Pokémon have person values (IVs) for Attack, Defence and HP (Hit Points). Every worth ranges from -15, and these are then combined into an general percentage, which explains the gaps amongst the levels beneath.

Search string Outcome
* Anything with IV from -48.9% 
1* Anything with IV from 51.1-64.four%
two* Anything with IV from 66.7-80%
three* Anything with IV from 82.two-97.eight%
four* 100%
*,1*,two* Anything with IV from -80%
cp1000-1499 All Pokémon with CP amongst 1000 and 1499
cp-1500 All Pokémon with CP under 1500
hp100-200 All Pokémon with HP amongst 100 and 200

This method tends to make it extremely quickly to obtain low IV Pokémon to transfer them and absolutely free up bag space. A comma is equivalent to “or”, which indicates you can combine searches, as in the final instance.

An &amp indicates “and” which is subtly distinctive to “or” in some searches. There is also a “not” operator, so you can use !four* to obtain all Pokémon which are not 100%. 

You can combine search terms. Right here are some examples: 

Search string Outcome
evolve&amp3*,four* Pokémon 82.two-100% for which you have adequate candy to evolve
!evolve Pokémon which either do not evolve or you do not have adequate candy to evolve
evolve&amppikachu Displays only Pikachu which can be evolved

Search by keyword

Search string Outcome
@climate All Pokémon at present boosted by the climate
alola Alolan Pokémon
costume Pokémon with hats, glasses, and so on
defender Pokémon defending gyms
eggsonly Infant Pokémon
hatched Pokémon hatched from eggs
legendary All your legendary Pokémon
item Pokémon which can be evolved employing an item
fortunate Fortunate Pokémon
mythical Mythical Pokémon
purified Pokémon you have purified
shadow All shadow Pokémon
shiny Shiny Pokémon!
traded Pokémon which have been traded to you
female All female Pokémon
male All male Pokémon
genderunknown All genderless Pokémon

Search by move or kind

Search string Outcome
@smack Pokémon with a quickly or charged attack starting with smack (e.g. Smack Down)
@1smack Pokémon with a quickly move starting with smack
@2draco Pokémon a charged move beginning with draco (e.g. Draco Meteor)
@3dragon Pokémon with a dragon-kind secondary charged attack 
[email protected] Pokémon which have currently discovered a secondary attack
@move Pokémon which cab learn a secondary attack
@1ground Pokémon with a ground-kind quickly attack
@1ground&[email protected] Pokémon with each ground-kind quickly and charged attack moves
flying All flying-kind Pokémon
dragon,ground All dragon-kind and all ground-kind Pokémon
water&ampflying Pokémon which are each water and flying kind

Note: If you want to search for Shadow Ball or any other move beginning with Shadow, you have to kind @shado (with no the W) since of a conflict with shadow Pokémon caught from Rocket stops. Regrettably we are unaware of any way you can search especially for Shadow Ball, or any other certain move starting with Shadow.

Search by Pokédex 

Search string Outcome
bulbasaur Returns all Bulbasaurs
MyPoke Returns Pokémon with this nickname
+eevee Returns all evolutions of Eevee, which includes Eevee
1 Returns Pokémon with Pokédex quantity 1
1-10 Returns Pokémon with Pokédex numbers from 1 to 10

You can also study our guide to employing AR+ in Pokémon Go.


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