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The Portuguese-speaking Clube MSX Magazine has released its newest concern, the quantity six. The 40-web page complete-colour concern brings lots of content material and, as usual, some gifts for the readers.

  • Critiques:
    • The Awakening (MSX2)
    • Los Amores de Brunilda (MSX2, MSX2+ e Turbo-R)
    • The Sorrow of Gadhlan’ Thur (MSX2, MSX2+ e Turbo-R)
  • 1st portion of an short article speaking about audio expansions for the MSX
  • Interview with Juanmi Ortuño, editor of the Spanish MSX Region
  • Short article about games with mice as key characters (!)
  • Connecting the MSX to CRT Monitors
  • The 4th portion of the short article about MSX-DOS
  • Evaluation of ArkaNavi, a homemade controller primarily based on Arkanoid Vaus Paddle
  • And considerably far more!

The readers will also be pleased to get for totally free with this concern, an exclusive Clube MSX sticker and two centrefold posters of Los Amores de Brunilda e The Sorrow of Gadhlan’ Thur.

Clube MSX #six is currently been shipped to all (delighted) readers that pre-ordered it and any new orders need to be processed and shipped beginning subsequent week. The expense is BRL 25,00 (~ USD six) + shipping.

Hyperlink: Clube MSX (For international consumers, web page in English)
Hyperlink: Clube MSX (In Portuguese)


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