‘Clam Man’ Aims For Humor With Mayonaise-Primarily based Crimes


Clam Man is an absurd adventure game about condiment crimes, undersea puns, and shellfish jokes. Count on a lot of silliness with your pointing and clicking with this 1.

Losing your job as junior sales representative at a mayonnaise enterprise is probably a gorgeous blow for Clam Man, but somehow, he’ll in all probability get by. Nonetheless, the events that expense you your job will drag you into an ever goofier planet of duck conspiracies, knot funnies, and other ridiculous items.

Clam Man is 1 of these adventure games that beg you to get lost inside it, merely searching at almost everything in the atmosphere and enjoying the jokes the developers hid inside it. Almost everything you glance at or pass by is some sort of silly issue, providing numerous tiny silly moments and items to unearth. It is a joy just to stroll about and appear at almost everything to see what sort of funny quote or joke is hidden inside. It’s also a pleasure to meet the several silly characters that inhabit the planet, as they have just as several laughs to provide.

Clam Man is clearly created to make the player crack up at just about every chance. It is just wall-to-wall jokes and goofy humor, all tied with each other with a charming story about a clam man out for justice. Nicely, assuming you can retain on track to acquiring that justice and not get sidetracked dancing with jellyfish in the street. Mayonnaise-primarily based crimes are not specifically pressing, even though, so perhaps take a bit of time to just get pleasure from oneself and savor in the laughter.

Clam Man is accessible now on itch.io and Steam.


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