Bungie Will Release a Non-destiny Game in the Subsequent five Years


Bungie is a studio defined by the Destiny series. But rather of becoming a one particular trick pony – specifically now they’ve split from their Activision partnership – the group are determined to release a game that is not centred on a Guardian safeguarding the Earth. And just to emphasize that commitment, they aim to do it by 2025.

But will it genuinely be all that unique? Immediately after all, it is challenging to break away and do one thing unique when there’s just one particular factor you have been undertaking for so extended. Alter is challenging. Innovation is challenging. And this sector is brutal. Bungie could be setting themselves up for a fall.

This news comes in spite of the extended roadmap that has been shared, with regards to Destiny 2’s future content material. The subsequent of which drops this week in the kind of the Shadowkeep DLC. But they have good aspirations, like the ambition to turn out to be one particular of the greatest entertainment businesses there is in the similar time frame. And that work begins now.

Nonetheless, such an accolade does not come simply. And, therefore, they’ve identified the have to have to also turn out to be a multi-IP studio in order to attain these targets. So, a new franchise is on the cards along with an expansion of their publishing capabilities – duty for which the firm took on soon after their split from Activision.

CEO Pete Parsons had the following to say on the matter:

“So, by 2025 we have a fairly distinct path to make confident we transform Destiny and that we have other franchises inside the marketplace,” he stated. “We have to have to construct our publishing group, but aspect of our vision is also to turn out to be a multi-franchise entertainment firm.”

But distinct information about what that game could be have not been disclosed. So we are left with tiny notion as to exactly where Bungie goes from right here. Their Destiny, you could say, is in their hands.

Supply: Gamespot


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