Borderlands three voice actor turned down function since Gearbox ‘wouldn’t go union’


Tales from the Borderlands actor Troy Baker, who played Rhys Strongfork in Telltale Games’ adventure game, “turned down” the function in Borderlands three, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford stated earlier this year. But what he left out was that it was since Gearbox reportedly refused a union agreement that would permit Baker to operate on the game.

Baker told VG247 that he turned down the function since Gearbox “wouldn’t go union.”

The voice actor is a member of American labor union SAG-AFTRA, which fights for fair therapy of workers in the market — in 2017, the union reached a deal that ended an 11-month strike against video game firms.

“I can not do a non-union gig,” Baker stated. Union members can only accept union operate.

He continued:

And with out receiving as well deep into the weeds of that, we had lengthy conversations about this. We often knew going into it, that this was going to be the issue. They have been going to take these characters, and place them from the Tales from the Borderlands series from Telltale, into Borderlands suitable. I’ve been waiting for this contact. They have been like, “Do you want to do this?” And I stated, “Yes” They by no means, since they would by no means move from that position. I’m not mad. It is invariably a absolutely distinctive character, but it nonetheless stings.

SAG-AFTRA released a statement confirming Gearbox “refused and disengaged” from union talks.

“The misguided choice by Gearbox to deny their performers the chance to have fair union wages, a protected workplace and the possibility of wellness care coverage for their households, is unfortunate,” a SAG-AFTRA representation stated in a statement to Polygon.

We’ve reached out to Gearbox for comment relating to the union agreement and will update when the business responds.

Baker voiced Joel in The Final of Us and will reprise his function in The Final of Us Aspect two, due out in 2020. He’s also recognized for his roles in Uncharted, Mortal Kombat 11, and BioShock Infinite.


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