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Developer Evening College Studio has released the launch trailer for Afterparty.

Watch the Afterparty Launch Trailer:

Right here is an overview of the game, by way of Evening College Studio:

In Afterparty, you play Milo and Lola, not too long ago deceased very best buds who abruptly locate themselves staring down an eternity in Hell. But there’s a loophole: outdrink Satan and he’ll grant you re-entry to Earth.

Milo and Lola are now dead, thirsty, and roaming the streets of Nowhere, the outermost island of Hell.

It is time to:

• Go on the very best bender ever

• Celebration with harmful demons and the not so dearly departed

• Very best and impress Satan’s Monarchs to acquire access to the huge guy

• Drink Satan beneath the table

What adventures will you stumble via in the underworld? Just about every step is up to you. Time to go on the very best bender ever, uncover the mystery of why you have been damned, and drink the huge guy beneath the table.


Important Attributes

Celebration as two very best pals: Handle Milo and Lola with an intelligent conversation method that modifications the story and your relationships primarily based on each selection. Uncover their character quirks and foggy history throughout the wild events of the evening

Drink for your lives: Hell bars provide a selection of libations, every with diverse Liquid Courage effects to imbue Milo and Lola with specialized dialogue selections and skills

Demonic activities: The underworld’s pubs are packed with drunken games to pass the time. Beer pong, dance-offs, karaoke and chugging competitions all mesh with the dynamic dialogue method for a seamless narrative bender

Alter Hell forever: Players’ actions will not only influence Milo and Lola, but also the men and women and locations of Hell. Finishing a quest on 1 island may possibly outcome in the total destruction of a further

Flirt with Satan: Discover an interconnected network of underworld islands by way of the River Styx

An original soundtrack by scntfc (Oxenfree, Sword & Sworcery)

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