WWE 2K20 Universe Mode Information and Improvements Revealed


2K has posted a list of updates for WWE 2K20 Universe Mode, allowing players substantially additional freedom to produce. Verify out the updates and improvements to the mode beneath and post your thoughts.

  • Important and minor show match limits have improved from 7 to 9.
  • Spend-Per-View match limits have doubled from 7 to 14.
  • The quantity of championship titles per key show has improved from six to 7.
  • Simultaneous rivalries on key shows have improved from three to four.
  • Spend-Per-Views can be co-hosted by up to three key shows versus the earlier two.
  • Players have additional freedom to delete and add promos and matches.
  • 50 of the most-applied cutscenes have been reshot with female mocap actors to appear additional genuine when female Superstars are applied.

  • 25 new cutscenes have been added.
  • three,040 new promo lines are in the game.
  • Custom Matches can now be integrated in Match Tables, along with new Mixed Tag Matches.
  • New Championship Match setting in Match Tables can be applied to make particular matches a title match.
  • Primary Occasion matches in Match Tables have been tweaked so that these match varieties are additional most likely to take place on the show (Instance: Royal Rumble match at the Royal Rumble Spend-Per-View).
  • New rivalry content material contains alternatives such as low-intensity enemies producing peace right after a single Spend-Per-View or low to mid-intensity allies gradually falling out more than quite a few weeks alternatively of a sudden turn.
  • The all round menu flow has been streamlined to make it additional accessible to these new to Universe Mode. All deeper alternatives are nonetheless offered for skilled players.


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