The Day-to-day Grind: Do you set MMO month-to-month targets?


There is a trend amongst us MMO bloggers that began a handful of years back in which we outline our gaming targets for every single month as properly as report on what we achieved the month earlier. I’ve essentially located it to be each motivational and valuable in tracking my gaming habits more than a longer period of time. It is generally fascinating to me to see what targets I set going into a month — and how the month shapes up following that point.

I never ever really feel like setting these targets are constraining or invite stress onto myself, to be sincere. Rather, they can be a supply of encouragement and a way to get pumped up for factors I want to do alternatively of merely exist day-to-day on line.

Do you set month-to-month targets in your gaming? Do you choose new games to play, or milestones to achieve, or various factors to attempt?

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