New Indie Game ‘Stela’ Coming To Xbox One particular, Other Platforms Later


  • Releasing on Apple Arcade later this year.
  • A Computer version coming in Q1 2020.
  • Lovely atmospheric platformer.


Developer SkyBox Labs announced that their subsequent game, Stela, will becoming to Xbox One particular on October 17th for $19.99. From right here the game will be released in the subsequent couple of weeks for the Apple Arcade subscription service. In the initial half of 2020, you will be in a position to get Stela on Computer. If the Computer version is the 1 you’d like the most, you can add it to your Steam wishlist right here.

Stela tells the story of a young girl who watches the finish of an ancient, mysterious planet. It is a incredibly atmospheric and cinematic platformer that’ll inform its story by means of actions and subtle dialogue. Stela will have players attempting to resolve puzzles, manipulate the planet about you, stealthily maneuver about hazardous creatures, and the developers are proud of the soundtrack you will be listening to as you do all of this.

Skybox Labs is operating on Stela though they help Microsoft in acquiring Halo Infinite prepared for release on the subsequent Xbox console. They’ve also worked on other higher profile game,s such as Minecraft and Age of Empires. The trailer for Stela appears incredibly sleek and qualified, no doubt an accumulation of all their knowledge they’ve received from operating on these higher price range titles.

Indie games make the gaming planet go round. For just about every AAA game that fails to meet our expectations, there are quite a few smaller sized price range games out there to fill that void. Stela appears to be an additional gem for indie enthusiasts, and I cannot wait to play it. To keep up to date with Stela, make positive you adhere to the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and the official web site.


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