Mortal Kombat 11 Is Having Co-op Raids


In a move unexpected for games in the fighting genre, co-op Group Raids are coming to Mortal Kombat 11

.Revealed on the Kombat Kast and due to be added in the next patch, three-player Team Raids will bring three fighters together against a single, powerful boss. Rather than having three fighters present on the same screen, each player will see their own 1v1 fight with the boss, but the boss’s health bar will be damaged by all three players simultaneously. Effectively a raid is composed of three individual fights running at the same time, but they all collectively damage the same boss’s health bar. All three fighters share a pool of five lives.

During a raid match, players will be able to complete challenges to get a buff or apply a debuff to the boss. All three players will need to complete the challenge within a time limit in order to activate this bonus, thus encouraging the kind of teamplay cooperation seen in raid game types from other genres.

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Also like MMO-style raids, developer NetherRealm states that preparation will be vital, and that players will need to create a solid character build with carefully selected augments in order to stand the best odds of winning.

Earlier this year NetherRealm confirmed Joker, Sindel, and Terminator for the next Kombat Pack. If you’ve not yet begun slicing apart enemies in your own campaign, be sure to check out our Mortal Kombat 11 review.

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