Indie Retro News: Bomb Jack DX C64


Seeing as my brain hasn’t entirely shut down I can nonetheless try to remember in the late 80’s on my Amstrad CPC 464 playing the brilliant Arcade port ‘ Bomb Jack ‘. It is a game that essential you the player to higher jump and float about receiving rid of all the bombs on the screen ahead of they are utilised to blow up historic areas of interest, which is created much more challenging by the enemies on screen. It was such a excellent game that sadly a lot of felt the C64 version could’ve been so considerably greater, and thanks to Retrofan(+Group) and his overhaul, this most up-to-date Bomb Jack DX C64 version is searching just that.

Bomb Jack DX is a comprehensive new port of the well-known 80’s arcade game to the Commodore 64. Currently from the prior beta we saw final year, the game has come along even additional, with not just comprehensive redone music and sound effects by OneBitman. But also a two player mode, higher score saver, arcade like escalating bomb-o-meter, new fading colours, nicer operating animation for Jack, new platform chars, (Colorful) credits in get started screen, GUI improvements, optimised backgrounds, and considerably considerably much more!

Code: Endurion, design and style: Retrofan, sound: OneBitman.


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