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My companion does not play that numerous games. She’s most likely got much more hours logged into Bubble Shooter than I’ve place into Rocket League, but apart from that, nada. So the possibilities to tempt her into watching a YouTube Let’s Play with me back when we 1st beginning living collectively at university had been very handful of and far among. But 1 of the extremely handful of successes was when I started watching 1 of my favourite YouTubers play via the 1st handful of days of the newly released Stardew Valley. She was hooked. She wanted to watch the complete playthrough from begin to finish with me.

But I had a much better concept.

My much better concept had a couple of troubles, on the other hand. The 1st was that she didn’t have a Steam account. The second was that her hardware of option was a Macbook, and Stardew Valley at the time wasn’t released on Mac. So I trawled via the inter-webs seeing if it was even achievable to play Stardew Valley on a Mac making use of some unique techno-cadabra. The approach described was a tiny much more involved than I’d have liked for a spur-of-the-moment concept that may possibly not have gone down nicely anyway, but at length I decided: “Fuck it, let’s give it a shot.”

I procured her Macbook when she was sleeping, spent a couple of hours performing what ever it was that I did (I honestly can not recall now), made a Steam account for her (profile image and all), and got it all prepared for the morning. I even place the tiny chicken icon on her dock with some hover-more than text that mentioned “surprise!” or “happy late birthday!” or one thing. All the when I was completely expecting the complete “I imply, it is sweet and all, but I do not wanna play it, I just wanted to watch”.

More than the subsequent week, she tended to her farm for hours each and every day. Her face was definitely aglow at each and every moment. Unless she was fishing, and I knew anytime this was the case from the way she’d begin swearing like a sailor out of nowhere. Stardew Valley became a balm at the finish of a hard day, or basically a satisfied location to go to and wind down ahead of heading to bed. Considering the fact that then, she’s logged 325 hours into the game, and even although she now knows fairly significantly every little thing there is to know about it, she nonetheless gets that positively serene and joyful appear on her face anytime that principal menu music begins up. So when I’ve in no way actually played significantly Stardew Valley myself, it nonetheless holds a extremely unique location in my heart for that.


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