Half-Life two patch ultimately lets its NPCs blink


Valve has released an update for Half-Life two that fixes its beleaguered NPCs inability to blink, along with save file challenges and missing sounds on combine soldiers (by way of Eurogamer).

All hail Half-Life two, the very best game ever produced! Nicely, clearly it wasn’t the very best game ever produced, since it didn’t let its poor NPCs blink. A heinous omission. A violation of the poor characters’ excellent of life. Valve has ultimately fessed up to its crime and has issued a patch that fixed NPCs not blinking, so that they may perhaps refresh their irritated and tired eyeballs at extended final.

In addition, the update fixed missing sounds on Combine soldiers, fixed a save file dilemma, and fixed SteamVR operating when getting into the settings menu. Seeing as Valve has abruptly updated its fifteen year old shooter, does that imply that Half-Life three is on the horizon? No. It is just an update. Settle down, now.

I have not played Half-Life two since I am pretty young and youthful. Hazarding a guess, I was almost certainly understanding to do instances tables in my Year three major college class when everybody else was playing what would develop into one particular of the greatest games of all time. Or some thing.


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