Fortnite Season 10 – hidden Battle Star areas


We’re halfway via Season 10 in Fortnite, so let’s take a appear at exactly where you can obtain the hidden Battle Stars in the loading screens.

Alongside new Prestige and themed challenges, there are nevertheless hidden Battle Stars to be discovered in Fortnite.

If you comprehensive any 3 weekly LTM challenges, you will be treated to a new loading screen which reveals the place of a hidden Battle Star.

With that in thoughts, here’s exactly where to obtain all the ones we know about so far.

Fortnite Season 10 – hidden Battle Star areas

Some of these areas can get fairly busy rather speedily, so grab a weapon and watch your six.

Fortnite: Week 1 Battle Star

To unlock the Week 1 screen, you will want to have completed 3 of the B.R.U.T.E. Squad challenges. The Week 1 loading screen shows off the new B.R.U.T.E. mechs and the coordinates D2, D3, E2 and E3. If you head to this place, you will obtain a Battle Star on a patch of grass.

Fortnite: Week two Battle Star

To get this screen, you will want to have completed any 3 Shootout at Sundown challenges. You can see a fork and a knife on the barn on the left, so head to that place on the map to obtain your Battle Star.

Fortnite: Week three Battle Star

If you completed 3 of the Leftover challenges, you will have this screen. You can see the Sofdeez Mascot on the bumper of the truck, so head to the Sofdeez Ice Cream parlour in Paradise Palms to get your star.

Fortnite: Week four Battle Star

Soon after finishing 3 Junk Storm challenges, you will obtain the Week four loading screen. The coordinates on the bit of wood on the ideal-hand study I2, I3, J2 and J3, which requires you to the hill east of Sunny Actions, so head on more than to obtain your Battle Star.

Fortnite: Week five Battle Star

If you appear closely at the drips on the Week five loading screen, you will see the co-ordinates E7, E8, F7 and F8. Head to that place to obtain your Week five Battle Star hovering more than some dirt.

Fortnite: Week six Battle Star

As soon as you have completed 3 Week six challenges, you will be capable to obtain the most current hidden Battle Star.

You are heading to the lake at Fatal Fields to obtain your star this week, and you will obtain it subsequent to a wooden chair and a coolbox on the pier.

Fortnite: Week 7 Battle Star

For this Battle Star, you will want to head more than to Greasy Grove. Take a wander into the Taco Shop and you will obtain a Battle Star waiting for you.

Fortnite: Week eight Battle Star

You can see the coordinates for this Battle Star on the gargoyle closest to you. They study G2, G3, H2 and H3, which implies you are heading to the pools east of Lazy Lagoon to obtain the star.

Fortnite: Week 9 Battle Star

In the best-ideal of this loading screen, you will see a funny-hunting drawing. On closer inspection, you will be capable to recognise it as the tomato idol at Tomato Temple. Head to the volcano and appear for the tomato head sculpture to obtain your star.

We’ll be updating this web page all through Season 10, so verify back quickly for additional areas.

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