Bethesda Just Updated ‘DOOM’ and ‘DOOM II’ to Repair Lighting and Audio Problems Alongside Overall performance Improvements and You Can Now Unlock a New Skin in the Upcoming ‘DOOM Eternal’ – TouchArcade


When Bethesda surprise released updated versions of DOOM ($four.99) and DOOM II ($four.99) on the App Retailer and Google Play, a lot of folks such as myself had been extremely excited to verify these classics out once more. The account drama was sorted quickly soon after release but 1 aspect annoyed quite a few folks. The audio and lighting had been off in each ports. Bethesda announced a major update earlier this month for DOOM and DOOM II across platforms.

Now, the update has gone reside for each DOOM and DOOM II. Whilst the App Retailer has no detailed mention of lighting or music, each troubles have been addressed. The update also addresses the prompt creating it considerably significantly less obtrusive than ahead of. If you are preparing on having DOOM Eternal on any platform, you can sign into your account in the updated DOOM ports to unlock a skin for DOOM Eternal. Did you invest in each games on iOS or any other platform by means of these new releases?


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