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Update 0.7.8 (Build 2) – More Stable and Optimized Build

Hi guys
Long time no see. How are you?

This past few weeks we’re focused on fixing bug and optimized the experimental build. We try to make the experimental build become more stable. And finally, in this new update, the current build is stable enough. We move the current build into the main build so you guys can try it out. You can try all features from the experimental build in this latest update and of course more optimized and stable. Besides the features, we give another touch to the current build. What is that another touch? Let’s check today’s update out!

If you want to try and buy Aquaculture Land, you can check the steam store page here.

Fishing Pond
We got feedback that said it takes a long time to earn some money from selling fish because you need to wait for a while until your fish is big enough to be sold. While you’re waiting, you won’t get any income. That’s why we make this fishing pond feature so while you waiting for your money from selling fish, you will still get some income from your fishing pond. Thing to remember, only level 2 fish (and above) which can be catch by visitor.

In experimental build version, visitor arrival will make the game laggy. For this update, we already did some optimized so you won’t be bother by lag anymore.

Breeding feature is a feature that you can use to increase your fish basic status. With this feature you can increase growth speed, fish weight, and fish quality. You can make a superior fish with breeding feature.

Only your fish seed status will be increased after breeding process. If you have the same fish in your pond with your breeding fish, your fish status in your pond will not increase.

Thank you so much to Arburtus, Rayune, and Sardine for giving us an idea to make this feature.

This feature will help you reach level 2 fish faster and heavier than the previous generation. So you can harvest your fish earlier with heavier fish. But for using this feature, you need resource called breeding points. You can get this breeding point from nurturing your fish. Every time your fish grows, you will get breeding points.

For previous version, you can get breeding points from level 1 fish. But on this update, we did some balance and make only level 3 fish (and above) that produce breeding points. So whether you sell your biggest fish or use it to produce some amount of breed points, you choose it  Grin

In the previous version, every time you harvest your fish, your fish box will be lying on your farm. Sometimes your fish box will block your worker path and look like a mess. Thank you to Amnaa that come with storage feature suggestion. With this storage feature, your fish box will be automatically stored into storage so make it more organized and make your farm look neater.

The other good thing from storage feature is when you want to make your fish bigger (fish that already stored) or if you want to move your fish into another pond, you can put back your fish box into your pond.

We also add a fish box counter on storage. So, with this counter, you will know how many fish boxes you have in storage without always open the storage to check it.

French Language
For current version, we add new French language. Thank you so much for CdriX for helping us with French translation this far. You can only change the game language from setting on main menu.

There will be some texts that have a smaller size than the others because when the text is translated from English to French, it becomes longer. In this new update, we use a different font with experimental build version. With this new font, the smaller text will be better and more legible than experimental build version.

If you want to add your own language into the game, you can check Community Translation Thread in the steam discussion section for the details. We can’t do it alone. Let’s do some collaboration!

Game Tutorial
We finally add basic tutorial to the game. With this tutorial, we want to give a clue to our players what they need to do and pay attention to. Because we saw some people don’t have any clue what to do. Especially for fish status and how to manage it. The tutorial will be the basic action you need to do for one loop gameplay, from building ponds to selling fish.

Resource Bubble, Electric Item Sign, and Electric Connection Toggle UI
We add little touch to toggle pond and fish info UI. We add resource bubble, electric item sign, and electric connection toggle.

Basically this toggle UI will be used to make the object visible or invisible. Resource bubble is for every resource that has bubble appearance (like breeding points), electric item sign will cover every sign on electric item (like on off sign), and electric connection is for connection between electricity source and other items.

We changed some terms that we use for fish status. We change pond density into living space, noise into acoustic comfort, fish waste into fish waste free and etc. We’re doing that to make better meaning between the pond status with the status bar.

We also do the balancing on the status of pond equipment and its prices. We do that balancing so that one equipment and another will become more useful and can be used evenly. We also do some balancing on fish status, especially on their acoustic comfort. In the previous version, some of the fish statuses are too difficult to handle. For this reason, we adjust it again so the fish that raised by the player can be more diverse and the level of difficulty perceived by the player is better.

For worker, we changed their status. We decided to delete the tenacity status. We also doing some adjustment to their status points because in the previous version, their status points are not balances enough. So, in this current version, more good your worker status, more expensive his hire price and salary.


Finally, after a few weeks, we can update the game from experimental build into version 0.7.8. We hope with this new version, our players that haven’t had time to try experimental build, they can try the new feature in this version.

Just like our plan, after this update, we will be more focus on redesign Aquaculture Land core design. From all of feedback and suggestion we received, we feel like there is something wrong with the core design. And we need to do something about it. Therefore, after this we will rarely make significant updates. But don’t worry, we will still make a list for your suggestions and feedback. Maybe we will find an idea about the redesign from your feedback and suggestions. We will also still update about the bugfix. For the details about our next move, you can check this steam thread

We also give you the changelog from today’s update down below so you will know more about the update details. If you have feedback and suggestions about today’s update, feel free to tell us in the here or in the steam discussion.

We want to say many thanks to all of you guys that already played our game, give us your honest review about the game, many suggestions and feedback, and other things that help us to make Aquaculture Land become a better game. Thank you for all of your support. And we hope you will still support us from now on.

See you next time guys.
Cheers  Coffee


– Fixed visual bug milkfish display appearing 5 times in the popup market.
– Fixed visual bug on the cliff in the top left of the environment.
– Fixed fish can be deployed when the filling water work not yet complete.
– Fixed UI commodities sold in popup company profile not displaying the correct number.
– Fixed Lv1 fish can be stored when choosing store all.
– Fixed visual bug for Sharptooth Catfish in the order not displaying the right image.
– Fixed fish icon queue when stored into storage.
– Fixed bug that makes visitor stuck when their path blocked.
– Fixed worker still feeding fish when all fish are harvested.
– Fixed fish emoticon always showed bad emoticon first before change into happy emoticon.
– Fixed build tooltip still appears after right-click.
– Fixed workers stuck or don’t do anything after load game.
– Fixed water icon still appears after fill water to pond.
– Fixed money doesn’t increase after cancel fill water action.
– Fixed pond become transparent if make a new one with same size in the same spot.
– Fixed storage counter shows the number 1 even though it’s empty.
– Fixed fish icon still appears even though the pond is empty (when you load game from 0.7.7 version save file)
– Fixed fish icon not appears in the pond (when you load game from 0.7.7 version save file)
– Fixed died fish (because of age) cause error.
– Fixed fish will disappear when storage if you doing harvest when storage is full.
– Fixed pond still highlighted after deploy fish.
– Fixed worker still doing harvest even the action is canceled.
– Fixed worker action icon still appears even after he has been fired.
– Fixed when 2 workers harvest in the same pond cause error.
– Fixed worker action icon still appears when worker doing repair action after selling action.
– Fixed pond become transparent if you expand pond but your balance is not enough to do it.
– Fixed worker don’t do animation work when cutting bush.
– Fixed worker don’t do harvest.
– Fixed electricity source turn off and don’t connect to other item if you save game when the electricity source still loading and then you load that save file.
– Fixed worker don’t do any action even though the action icon already appear.
– Fixed close worker’s path to the action place cause error.
– Fixed when you sell your aerator, tile of the aerator located become walkable.
– Fixed disable key action when 17.00 o’clock
– Fixed when you save your game at 17.00 o’clock, the time will stop if you load the save file.
– Fixed you don’t receive your money back if you cancel your expand pond action.
– Fixed you don’t receive any refund if you delete your pond (with water on it).
– Fixed fishing visitors cause error.
– Fixed store all in the fishing pond (when there is fishing visitor) cause error.
– Fixed worker won’t do anything if you to often cancel his action.
– Fixed there is a transparent object that can not be done anything.
– Fixed worker position when he do actions.
– Fixed spawn bush have chance to trap workers.
– Fixed two electricity sources can connect into single aerator.

– Added new feature Breeding Fish
– Introduced a new resource called “Breed Point’ (name may be changed in the future). Breed points are produced by fish in the normal pond every hour. This point will be used for Breeding Fish.
– Added new feature Fishing Pond & Visitor
– Added ability to change pond from normal pond to fishing pond and vice versa.
– Added new feature Storage for Commodity Box. If you load your old save data that have commodity box, all commodity box will be sold automatically.
– Added ability to move commodity box from storage to the pond.
– Added new Quality status for fish.
– Removed darken environment when change day will occur.
– Removed black screen loader when change day occurred.
– Removed worker behavior to going home when the day changes.
– Enlarge environment view.
– Speed up the default time.
– Changed autosave process to every 3 days.
– Added basic tutorial.
– Added new language, French.
– Balancing for pond equipment and fish status.

– Added new display for quality status in the fish status display.
– Added new UI for breed point.
– Added new UI for Popup Storage
– Added new UI for Breeding Fish
– Updated UI for timer bar.
– Updated UI for fish details.
– Moved UI for selling commodity to popup storage.
– Added info version text in the save slot.
– Added fish box counter to storage.
– Added warning icon on balance when your balance is insufficient for routine expenses.
– Adjusting some words size when translating into French.
– Added new environment.
– Added Resource Bubble, Electric Item Sign, Electric Connections toggle UI


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