Acquiring A Snake In Your Home: The Kotaku Evaluation


I do not have a issue with snakes, spiders, scorpions or any other modest and potentially unsafe creatures that lurk outdoors. That is their territory. I get it. But when 1 of these items come into my apartment, I discover it annoying. It also is a terrible factor to come dwelling to in the middle of the evening.

Earlier this week I attended a excellent birthday celebration with pals. It was a superior celebration, not 1 of these weird parties exactly where folks drink power drinks and mix them with each other into gross concoctions. Soon after hours of enjoyable and enjoyment, my girlfriend and I headed dwelling. We arrived, turned on the lights, stated hello to the cats and started to unwind. That was till abruptly I heard my girlfriend shout my name from the living space.

“Zaaaaccccckkkkk? What’s this? Is this…..a SNAKE?!”

Her reaction was a mixture of worry, anger, shock and a bit of confusion. All fair reactions to have when you discover a snake in your residence. She had walked more than to the sliding glass door and found a coiled up black snake, about a foot and an inch extended. It was resting on a modest brown rug.

I walked more than, assuming it wasn’t a snake. Perhaps it was also dark and she was confused? Perhaps it was a piece of string that had been piled up by the cats? But when I rounded the corner and identified her crouched more than a black pile on the rug I nearly right away saw what it was. It was, in reality, a snake.

A lot of items shot via my head at that moment. Also a lot of to list right here. But two essential items stayed in my thoughts: What type of snake is this and how do I get rid of it? I grew up in Florida. I’ve handled snakes just before, even even though I seriously shouldn’t have. Appear, I watched a lot of The Crocodile Hunter and Jeff Corwin Knowledge on Animal Planet. I also lived in a state that is fundamentally a tropical jungle on best of a swamp. So I spent time outdoors catching items a kid shouldn’t catch. As a outcome, I was in a position to recognize the snake as a Garter Snake, which is non-venomous.

Here’s the factor even though. Hunting at photos of garter snakes now, just after the occasion, I really feel incredibly confident that I identified it appropriately. But at the moment, with a snake in your dwelling and cats coming more than to investigate, I was far significantly less confident. So as my girlfriend held the cats back, I grabbed a modest bowl and gently, but speedily, covered the snake. Then I slid the complete brown rug outdoors and as I did this the bowl shifted and out popped the head of a snake.

My hand, which was holding the bowl down, was now a handful of inches from a modest snakehead which was searching at me. I calmy, but rather speedily, lifted my hand and in 1 motion spun the rug onto the porch and flipped the plastic bowl off the snake.

I’ve not moved the rug back in and it remains exactly where it landed just after the flip.
Photo: Zack Zwiezen

Soon after our snake encounter, we plugged up a modest gap in the sliding glass door, which appears to be the only way it could have gotten inside. The worry of one more snake coming in lingered for the rest of the evening. I’m not worried about one more Garter Snake sneaking in. I’m worried about a unsafe snake acquiring in via the identical approach. 

I’m also sorry that through this ordeal I under no circumstances snapped a photo of the snake. Even though I was dealing with this snake, the final factor I believed about was documenting it with a camera. This is far more proof that identified footage films are bullshit. Seriously, I only ran into a modest snake and didn’t film it. Why would a person fighting an evil bigfoot or what ever film it for hours and hours?

Soon after all of this, as it slithered away into bushes that I will now worry a bit for the subsequent handful of months, I felt proud that I didn’t just kill it. Snakes are astounding creatures, critical components of our neighborhood ecosystems and deserve respect.

But it completely sucks when they determine to slither into your residence in the middle of the evening. Not hoping for any sequels. This feels like a superior way to start off and finish the Acquiring A Snake In Your Home franchise.


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