The Surge two Launch trailer slices and dices its way into your heart


This is my Exo-Rig.

The Surge two is almost upon us. For weeks, publisher Concentrate Household Interactive has showered the online with videos of terrible guys obtaining some portion or one more chopped off. Effectively, that will not alter with the launch trailer released only nowadays. That is correct, in the launch trailer we have additional slicing, additional dicing, and a small parkour. And then additional slicing.

The sequel to one particular of the most decent Souls-like games that every person forgot is only a couple of days away. Not a great deal has changed from the two Surge games. The Surge two, like its predecessor, sets you off in a sci-fi globe exactly where you cleave components off enemies in order to get new weapons and gear. The game utilizes limb-targeting combat, in which you attack a certain physique portion to achieve gear to strap to your personal type. Require a new weapon? Aim for the arms. Seeking for a fantastic helmet? Then, off with his head!

The launch trailer itself demonstrates a great deal of the combat you will practical experience in The Surge two. There’s lots of dismembering right here. But, it does show additional of what’s anticipated in the sequel. You will get a short glimpse at a couple of boss fights, as properly as the additional acrobatic combat. There’s even a point that shows off some nifty parkour capabilities, which should really come in handy if you discover oneself at odds.

Reduce my life into pieces

The Surge two releases onto Computer on September 24, but if you are speedy you can get some extras. Pre-order bonuses for the game include things like the URBN Gear Pack, which gives an armor set and two added weapons, as properly as cosmetics and other goodies. You may want it, as Deck13’s preceding game outings have been difficult to say the least.

The Surge two presents a harsh, sci-fi, dystopian globe to discover and survive,” reads the description beneath the launch trailer. “Create your personal character and choose how to strategy the hardcore melee combat, placing your reactions and RPG character-creating capabilities to the test.”


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