Ubisoft is taking legal action against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attackers


Ubisoft is taking a quantity of measures to attempt and reduce down on the influence distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have on Rainbow Six Siege matches, such as measures toward legal action against frequent offenders.

Siege is a competitive, group-primarily based game played completely on line, producing it a prime target for DDoS attacks and other malicious actions against the servers hosting matches. And, as Ubisoft explains in a post to the Rainbow Six Siege site, the quantity of these attacks have noticeably enhanced lately, prompting the group to make a quantity of alterations to address the concern.

As a outcome, Ubisoft has currently begun issuing cease and desist notices to the web sites and folks hosting prominent DDoS solutions, and is functioning with its legal group to take action against these that facilitate the attacks.

Inside the game itself, Ubisoft is cutting back on matches per server to hopefully lower the quantity of games impacted when a DDoS attack strikes. Previously, every server could host 3 simultaneous games, which means that an attack targeting one particular game eventually took 3 offline. Moving forward, every server will only host one particular match at a time.

Ubisoft is also rolling out a wave of bans to the “worst offenders” on each Computer and console, and is disabling a function that unintentionally penalized players for becoming in a match ended prematurely by a DDoS attack. Specifics can be identified in the complete post.

On the web games have extended struggled against DDoS attacks, but current years have observed the perpetrators of substantial-scale attacks against games like Globe of Warcraft hit with substantial fines and prison time for their actions.

Final summer season, the particular person behind a 2010 DDoS attack on Globe of Warcraft was sentenced to federal prison and ordered to spend roughly $30,000 in restitution. A different case, this time against the particular person behind the 2013 attacks on Daybreak, saw the attacker ordered to spend $95,000 in restitution and sentenced to two years in prison.


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