Spellbreak – Beta Sign Up


Beta sign ups are now reside for Spellbreak, a extremely impressive new game that delivers a fantasy RPG twist on the battle royale genre as players weave with each other effective spell combinations to decimate their opponents.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago through the Pre-Alpha sign up, Spellbreak options a one of a kind blend of action RPG and battle royale gameplay as effective mages battle for survival. As in most battle royale games the target is to be the final 1 standing, but Spellbreak has a novel dual-handed spellcrafting technique exactly where players equip gauntlets imbued with unique elemental powers. The gauntlets are fairly handy on their personal, but can be combined to provide some devastating spell combinations – such as developing a wall of fire with 1 gauntlet then hurling a boulder by means of it with an additional to produce a ball of molten rock.

Aside from the deep spellcasting and speedy paced battle royale gameplay, Spellbreak is also notable for it is beautiful Unreal Engine powered visuals. The vibrant fantasy planet is packed complete of colour and the visual effects of the spells are remarkable. Sign up for the Beta to unleash some of these spells for your self.

Sign Up For The Spellbreak Beta Right here


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