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If you go into Sayonara Wild Hearts considering you are receiving a conventional video game encounter, it’ll likely fall brief of your expectations.

But if you go into it expecting to be blown away by a visual tour de force, it is most likely you will not be disappointed.

To describe specifically what Sayonara Wild Hearts is proves  to be rather tricky. It is likely greatest described as a “rhythm runner”, what ever one particular of these is. Split into 23 brief levels, you will automatically move by way of the game’s globe, moving side to side to choose up collectibles and dodge obstacles. Sometimes you will also be prompted to push a button in time with the music.

There’s not significantly a lot more to it than that in terms of gameplay, but to reduce Sayonara Wild Hearts down into a series of movements is to do it a excellent disservice. Additional than it is a game, Sayonara Wild Hearts is an encounter. Taking roughly an hour to total, it is a lot more akin to an interactive music album. Envision if your favourite synth-pop group place out an hour-extended idea music video. That is what you have got appropriate right here.

The music style is flawless from start off to finish. Each level has its personal track some lasting quite a few minutes, some barely even a minute in length. Some have vocals other individuals are instrumental. But with each other as a entire, they flow completely from one particular to a different. It is pretty much a shame that the initially time you play the game you will need to go back to the level choose screen among each and every. (As soon as you have completed it as soon as, you will unlock “Album Arcade” mode, permitting you to play by way of each and every level in succession.)

The visuals, also, are rather remarkable. Neon and low poly in style, you will uncover oneself mesmerised and immersed as each and every level plays out. It is not normally simple to inform what’s going on as you are anticipated to move your character from side to side, or up and down. You will likely uncover oneself crashing into an obstacle just about every so typically as you struggle to take anything in. It hardly matters if you do crash, it is merely a case of getting taken back a handful of seconds and attempting once more.

Levels are comparable in terms of colour and style – there’s an awful lot of deep blues and purples – but there’s a surprising quantity of creativity on show, specifically in later levels. 1 moment you will be rolling along on a skateboard the subsequent you are on a motorcycle, or on the back of a operating stag. You will also uncover oneself flying by way of the air, or playing by way of a pc simulation inside a VR headset. The input essential from you remains very simple, but the transform of scenery continually impresses.

For each and every level you total in Sayonara Wild Hearts, you are offered a score, with bronze, silver and gold rankings on present if you attain a particular target. It does not matter what score you get you are normally in a position to continue to the subsequent level. The mere encounter of playing Sayonara Wild Hearts is a lot more crucial than how great you are at it. But if you do want to chase higher scores it adds a small a lot more replayability to the game. Your score depends on how quite a few collectibles you choose up on a level, and how properly-timed your button presses are. It is tricky to great the timing, and levels are typically so quick-moving that grabbing the collectibles is simpler stated than completed. Acquiring gold medals on just about every level will be challenge for these that want it.

For every person else even though, Sayonara Wild Hearts is greatest enjoyed with no stress. Place on some headphones, get oneself comfy and let the game’s audio and visuals wash more than you. By all implies, attempt to get a great score when you are at it, but the accurate beauty of Sayonara Wild Hearts is merely enjoying the exceptional music and receiving lost in the visuals. Mistaking this for a very simple rhythm game is to do it a disservice. It could be much less than that in terms of gameplay, but it is a hell of a lot a lot more in terms of audiovisual accomplishment.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is accessible on Computer, PS4, Switch and iOS. We reviewed the iOS version.


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