Preloads are up for CoD: Modern day Warfare’s open beta


Modern day Warfare is just about upon us, once again. This year’s Contact Of Duty: Modern day Warfare is a great deal additional contemporary than these other Modern day Warfares (all 3 of them) which, in hindsight, are not really so contemporary any longer. Points are gritty and true this time about, which is each a great deal additional contemporary and far additional war than prior to. See? Open the Blizzard launcher and take a appear for oneself. Contact Of Duty: Modern day Warfare’s massive cross-platform open beta kicks off this weekend. Assuming, of course, you are not fighting in it currently.

Infinity Ward are showcasing Modern day Warfare’s ridiculous 32v32 (ultimately 100v100) Ground War this weekend. With there getting no sign of a new Battlefield this year, Contact Of Duty could be primed to snap up the huge-scale-shooter itch. Assuming, at least, that its whole audience does not bugger off to play PlanetSide Arena for that massive quantity repair.

The beta also consists of the a great deal-lauded 2v2 Gunfight mode – a nervewracking, stripped-down deathmatch that is just about additional Counter-Strike than Contact Of Duty. Among this and the hundred-player Ground War, Contact Of Duty is providing some staggeringly distinct playstyles this year.

Elsewhere, there are six modes to choose from, such as Realism – which, I assume, requires snivelling in a corner in worry for your life prior to a loose shot snatches you from this mortal realm. Fortunately, the reaper can snatch from across 4 maps, from a cave in the desert to an industrial lot in Hackney.

Definitely, a globe-trotting adventure like no other.

The “open” aspect of this weekend’s open beta fires up at 2am BST Saturday (6pm PT currently), and runs till 6pm BST on Monday the 23rd (10am PT) and you can currently preload the game. To get into the beta, download the client, hit the Modern day Warfare entry, then click that massive Set up button.

Of course, if you pre-ordered Modern day Warfare (or are 1 of these men and women with a PS4) you have had access to the beta considering that yesterday.


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