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For most of Minecraft’s life you have been in a position to make your personal custom skin on Computer, or download other individuals to make your character stand out when playing. Now, Minecraft is introducing an in-game creator to take that customisation a step additional.

Selections, options. From the Minecraft Reside stream.

The newest update for Minecraft’s beta develop enables players to personalise their avatar’s physique shape, hairstyles, colours and skin tones, with a lot more than 100 customisation products for absolutely free and a variety of accessories made by the Minecraft group readily available to invest in.

The beta is presently only readily available on Xbox A single, Windows 10 and Android versions of the game, so you will want to be on a single of these platforms to be in a position to attempt out the new function.

Having said that, if you are not interested in the character creator and are specifically attached to a regular custom skin, never be concerned – you will nevertheless be in a position to import these the identical way you could prior to.

To get a much better notion of what the character creator entails, take a appear at the Minecraft livestream under exactly where Mojang devs show off the new function.

There are a lot more facts on the 1.13..15 update in the patch notes right here, as effectively as directions on how to download the beta if you want to give the character creator a attempt.

When the beta has ended, the character creator will come to all other Bedrock platforms, Microsoft has mentioned, and also Minecraft Earth.


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