Indie Retro News: Croaky – A Frogger game as a C64 project by Derek


Even though the selection is there to nevertheless play the great remade version of Frogger for the C64 referred to as ‘ Frogger Arcade ‘ by Hokuto Force (Digital Monastery). There is an additional version come to light which you may well be interested in playing, and that is Derek’s most recent project of Croaky. Yes certainly if you loved playing the 1981 Konami classic or the remade version on the C64, then this game referred to as Croaky will suit you completely!

Now if you have currently played Frogger you likely know what to count on with this game, you will have to guide your frogs across the water, avoiding nasties and reaching each and every segment at the top rated to acquire an ever higher score. The game is not as excellent as Frogger Arcade even so, but do not let that place you off as it really is nevertheless a joy to play and in my opinion just as exciting as the original classic!

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