Hyper Ultra Astronautics is lastly prepared news


Just after almost 4 years in improvement, Hyper Ultra Astronautics is now officially prepared. Downloads are instantly offered for Windows and Linux PCs.

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is now officially prepared and version 1.. is offered for download in Itch.io:

The recommended value is five EUR/USD, but you are no cost to spend what ever you consider the game is worth.

Following important options produced it to this version:

  • Competitive and co-op game modes for intense celebration/couch gameplay.
  • Single player survival game mode.
  • Semi-realistic ship movement primarily based physics on simulated thrusters.
  • Wide choice of weapons such as many teleportation and beam primarily based weapons.
  • Help for a lot of controllers: keyboard, gamepads, mouse, mobile apps.
  • On line higher scores for solo and co-op survival game modes.

It has been a extended road, like with most of my games. The improvement began with a prototype in late 2015 and the game has been in open alpha/beta testing for 3 years. I can not say that I have actively worked on the project all that time, there have been a lot of pauses, each brief and extended. Just after all these years it feels excellent to finish a further game project!

1 of the distractions from actual improvement was a bar-top rated arcade cabinet that I constructed for the game:

Hyper Ultra Astronautics bar-top arcade cabinet

I am truly satisfied with the outcome. It does get cramped with 3 grown males shouting and playing, but it turned out that this game is a ideal match for arcades.

Despite the fact that Hyper Ultra Astronautics has now been deemed prepared, I will nevertheless be fixing bugs and almost certainly even add some new options to it later on.

Right here is some footage of the survival game mode in action:

Here’s a single identified bug in the present version. It really is sort of ironic that this is the outcome of setting the quantity of energy-ups to “none”:

screenshot 20190914090345750

And ahead of everyone asks if the game is on Steam, the answer is no. At least for now. I believed about releasing on Steam as well, but at this point it does not appear worth it. As far as I know, Steam does not assistance any sort of spend-what-you-want pricing, so I would have to set a fixed value on Steam when the game can be downloaded for no cost on Itch.io.

For additional information and facts on the game, stop by game’s official internet web page: Fractilegames.com


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