Have You Played… Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?


Can you hyperlink Tom Hanks to David Tennant in three methods or fewer?

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That is the name for this sort of point, is not it? Although it needn’t be confined to just Kevin Bacon. If you are very good with names and faces and you are just after a entertaining small game to play with a buddy or two to pass the time, “Six Degrees” is fantastic. Here’s the finest way to play.

The initial player will take a moment to assume of an elaborate hyperlink among two actors. They should be actors (or voice actors), and the hyperlink should be in the type of: “X was in [film/show/game] with Y, who was in [film/show/game] with Z…” and so on. You are not permitted to pull any dirty shenanigans like “X went to lunch with Y this 1 time” or “X was in a film directed by Y who also directed Z”. Performances only.

So, after you have believed of your hyperlinks, you present the two names to the other players, along with the quantity of methods it took you (eg. “Sigourney Weaver was in Alien Resurrection with Wynona Rider” is a single step). Then the other players have to attempt to match the two actors themselves making use of the similar (or even fewer) methods. And you are not permitted to cheat by searching up what they’ve been in! This can go on till your buddy tends to make the hyperlink or offers up, or you can impose a time limit to hold points moving. Then, it is your pal’s turn to come up with 1.

It is surprisingly very good entertaining if you know every other effectively, and the films and games you have each watched or played. It can generally lead to hilarious moments of “Ohhhhh, I forgot he was in that film!” or “Umm, dude, they’re in the similar Television show with each other.” Attempt it out oneself. And know that if you propose two new people to hyperlink in the comments, it’ll distract me from my perform all day till I figure it out.

P.S. The answer I had for Tom Hanks to David Tennant: Tom Hanks was in Cloud Atlas with Keith David, who was in Mass Impact two with Carrie-Anne Moss, who was in Jessica Jones with David Tennant. Boom.


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