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Nioh was initially released in early 2017 as a dark samurai fantasy RPG complete of action, bandits, and Yokai (monsters, spirits, and demons from Japanese folklore). The game, which requires spot in the wastelands of the Sengoku period, was a hit and sold more than two.five million copies worldwide.

I got to attempt the initially ever hands-on trial of the extremely anticipated sequel, Nioh two at TGS 2019 and it did not disappoint. Even though we only had 15 minutes to play the Cherry Blossom Cursed Village mission, it was adequate to get a glimpse of the sequel’s thrilling attributes, upgraded battle program and customized character game play.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can anticipate in Nioh two:

Customize Your Personal Character

The initially factor to know about Nioh two is that you get to build and customize your personal character. In the initially Nioh, players took the function of William, an Irish Samurai pursuing the alchemist Edward Kelley. Even though the trial version we played only had a restricted quantity of choices, the complete game will enable you to choose or randomize your samurai’s gender, head, hair, make-up, physique kind, and voice. You can also set which kind of Yokai energy you want at this stage… but extra on that later.

Developing your personal character actually adds to the immersive feeling of the story. I’m positive persons will invest a lot of time right here and it’ll be exciting to see other players come up with.

Knowledge New Skills

In Nioh two, your samurai not only utilizes a range of deadly weapons but is also in a position to unleash Yokai powers and rain supernatural fury on your enemies. We can see this brand-new playstyle in the trailer released for the closed Alpha version testing held in Could and June (beneath).

You can see in the trailer how your character utilizes these new Yokai powers in fierce battles with a variety of Yokai. I will get to this extra in a bit, retain reading!

Test Your Talent With Familiar, But Difficult Gameplay

As I started exploring the Cherry Blossom Cursed Village, I tested out the mixture of a fast attack with the □ button, and a powerful attack with △. I moved along checking the distinction of movements and their effects amongst the 3 distinct Stances, Offensive Higher-Stance, Defensive Low-Stance, and Balanced Middle-Stance.

The Ki program appears to be unchanged from the initially Nioh. Ki is the stamina you have to have to execute each move, and without having it, your character will not be in a position to carry out any actions. Enemies also have a visible Ki Gauge as effectively, requiring you to strategize when to strike and when to defend. I identified this element to be a single of the most enthralling — and difficult — elements of this samurai hack and slash game.

Also, by pressing R1 at just the correct time right after attacking, the “Ki Pulse” is activated and you can replenish lost Ki (this ought to currently be muscle memory for skilled players). Furthermore, this move can be made use of to dispel patches of “Yokai Realm,” the location surrounding Yokai that provides them buffs and can reduced your Ki regeneration price. Ki Pulse comes in handy in Nioh two, so do not neglect about it!

The initially foe that I encountered in the Cherry Blossom Cursed Village was some kind of flying Yokai with homing attacks. Since it was tricky to get close to it with my sword, I made use of my bow and with a single headshot, its Ki was gone. Immediately after that, it only took an additional powerful attack to finish it off. Piece of cake!

But by no means let your guard down in this Yokai-filled game: The moment I felt like I had a deal with on points and that all my encounter from playing the original Nioh had paid off, I was killed by a Gaki! For these who are not familiar, a Gaki is a tiny, creepy, and ghoul-esque Yokai. My initially error was assuming it was harmless and I could just stroll up to it and hack and slash away. When I attempted to do this, it jumped on me, transformed into a giant creature, and I was, as the game puts it, “freed from this mortal coil.”

When you die, your Amrita (or the encounter you obtain) and your Guardian Spirit will be left on the spot. If you get killed once again upon restarting, your Amrita is lost for superior. I identified this aspect of the game extremely difficult and created the stakes considerably greater.

As I mentioned just before, by no means let your guard down if you want to survive in Nioh two. Immediately after understanding my lesson from my preceding encounter with the Gaki, I ran straight back to the Shrine right after I had recovered my Amrita. When you are at the Shrine, you can use your Amrita to level up your character’s stats.

Even with the quick quantity of game play time that I had, there’s no doubt that the fights in Nioh two are incredibly difficult and that you can quickly die at any moment. But as you level up, obtain new skills, and gather particular weapons and products with distinctive properties, the game tends to make players really feel like fighting the impossibly tricky Yokai is probable. On that subject, I was also in a position to confirm that there is a “Summon Visitor” selection in the Shrine menu. Even though not out there in the trial version I played, the final version of the game will enable collaborative multiplayer functionality so you can battle Yokai with close friends on-line.

Fight Yokai with Yokai powers!

As I continued playing, I faced a spear-wielding Yokai named an Enki. An Enki is a gigantic monkey-like ogre that flies about chaotically although swinging its spear at you. I had no likelihood fighting it head on, so I believed I could use a mixture of side dodges with my fast and powerful attacks. This didn’t perform, and I ended up spending the majority of my time defending.

That is when I lastly got to attempt out a “Super Attack.” These differ primarily based on which Guardian Spirit kind you pick when you initially build your character (I chose Brute). Appropriate just before the Enki was about to carry out a significant attack (signaled by a light particle that seems correct subsequent to it) you press the R2 and ○ buttons at the correct moment, and it transforms your character into a Yokai! Since I chose Brute, I was transformed into a Red Ogre-like Yokai and it blocked the enemy’s significant attack then knocked it down.

This permitted me to land a quantity of consecutive hits on the Enki which also filled my Spirit Gauge. After your gauge is complete, you can then press △ and ○ to use a “Yokai Shift” move which includes wielding a substantial hammer. The really feel of this new move is close to getting into the Living Weapon of the original Nioh that unleashes the energy of Guardian Spirits. Comparable to that capability, there is a time limit.

Immediately after lastly defeating the Enki, a new path opened, and I acquired an item named a Soul Shard. When a Soul Shard is set to the Guardian Spirit, you get even extra highly effective Yokai abilities. Having said that, just before you can use the Soul Shard, you have to purify it at a Shrine given that it is covered in Yokai Realm. As with Amrita, if you die although holding a Soul Shard that hasn’t been made use of, you will drop it. Since death lurks behind each corner in Nioh two, I advocate that you head straight to a Shrine right after getting a Soul Shard.

I then followed the newly opened path which triggered a video and introduced me to a boss of the Cherry Blossom Cursed Village. It was a giant horse-like Yokai with a extended-stretching saw and it needed my complete consideration just to dodge its attacks. Prior to I knew it, I was killed without having a likelihood to have an understanding of its attack patterns. I felt despair and hopelessness not realizing how to fight back. It reminded me that Nioh’s sequel was back with a vengeance and that it was going to be just as tricky as the original one… if not extra so.

I couldn’t let points finish there. The second time about, I got to have an understanding of its attack patterns a tiny bit far better and did handle to hit back… till I got caught and was ripped apart by its substantial saw once again. Immediately after my second death, my time was up. 15 minutes was way also quick to locate out about this boss’s weakness and how to take it down.

Final Thoughts

The feeling of achievement you get when discovering a way to defeat a powerful enemy in Nioh two (like the Enki) is extremely satisfying. Immediately after leveling up and upgrading gear, you ought to get started to see the path to victory against powerful bosses that seemed undefeatable at initially.

Each aspect of Nioh two tends to make the most of Yokai powers and how you combine these with distinct combinations of Guardian Spirit kinds, weapons, and attacks. The outcome is extremely thrilling and builds on the tactical essence of the original game.

From the despair of fighting an impossibly tricky Yokai to the satisfaction of lastly beating it, Nioh two has proved to be a rewarding sequel to its predecessor.


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