Get Prepared for a Batman Epic Exclusive for the Subsequent Game (Most likely)


Are you prepared for a Batman Epic exclusive? If you have no notion what the heck I’m speaking about, the Epic Games Shop launches not a single, not two, but six no cost games this week—and they’re all from the Batman franchise.

As energy moves go, that alone would be a fairly robust indication that they’re going to be doing one thing associated to Batman in the close to future. There is, nevertheless, a small extra to it than just that.

Whispers of a New Batman Game

Rumors of a new Batman game have been floating about for a handful of months at least. Lately, they’ve been stepped up with a voice actor, writer, and publicist for Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment all hinting towards one thing. It need to be noted that the writer Ryan Galletta worked on Batman: Arkham Origins.

NDAs are a difficult factor and breaking them is a genuinely massive no-no that can get you fired or fired and then sued. If it have been just a single guy, it could be a dude just messing about. 3 individuals from 3 various profession paths, even though? And all of them are speaking in hushed tones about one thing on the way? That is likely a soft hint to one thing new.

Adding to the hype, the Everyday Star reports that Warner Bros. Games Montréal—the identical individuals who created Arkham Origins—has posted a job listing that adds even extra circumstantial proof.

WB Games Montreal, a division of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE), seeks a Neighborhood Manager to support construct an engaged and loyal neighborhood for a AAA unannounced game.

Yeah, we’re likely acquiring a new game. But why would it be a Batman Epic exclusive?

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Why Will It Be a Batman Epic Exclusive?

Okay, so why do I consider this new rumored Batman game is going to be exclusive to the Epic Games Shop?

1st, there is the reality that they’ve just provided away $120 worth of Batman games for no cost, all in a single go. Whilst we do not have all the information behind the no cost games they’ve been providing away, I envision that video game providers are not just letting Epic give their stuff away with no acquiring some type of compensation. I also figure that six games is likely a lot extra pricey than a single. Odds are, a move like this is costing Epic Games extra revenue than usual.

Secondly, the Batman games giveaway is not the only factor they’re doing—a Batman crossover is probably coming to Fortnite. That, as well, charges revenue to license, nevermind the funds that went into generating content material.

Lastly, Epic Games has released no cost games associated to their exclusives. Alan Wake was no cost and Handle is an exclusive, Metro 2033 is a single of subsequent week’s no cost games and Metro Exodus is an exclusive, and Rebel Galaxy was provided away prior to the launch of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

Take all of that data, the hints from business individuals (some of whom have been involved in the final game), and Epic’s proclivity for snapping up exclusive bargains, and it appears fairly probably that we’re acquiring a Batman Epic exclusive.

Do you consider there will be a Batman Epic exclusive? If this rumored new game does turn out to be an exclusive, will you purchase it on the Epic Games Shop or wait for it to come to Steam? Let us know in the comments beneath!

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